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Stress Reduction and Energy Therapy sessions for your Quantum Radiance! Energy medicine and intuitive healing in Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA locations.
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Truly Miraculous!

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Theta healings with Nicole have transformed my life by transforming my core beliefs.
Truly miraculous!


Jenna Dewan Tatum


Jamie Harman

In a city where people are used to chasing the dream, only to see it disappear behind so much smoke and mirrors, Nicole is a life-changer and a game-changer. Fact. Not fantasy. Oh, and she’s also a lovely lady. Which helps.

Inner Peace

Theta Healing saved my life. I had no idea that my old beliefs were stopping me from reaching inner peace. Recognizing them and then releasing them is a necessary part of spiritual enlightenment. Thanks Nicole!


Impressed & Amazed at Effectiveness

David Wolfe

I had just flown into LA from five Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Indonesia, the entire continent of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Needless, to say, I felt dizzy! Nicole and the Aura Shop offered me a session on their healing table with the Quantum SCIO which I graciously accepted. After 45 minutes of treatment, I was returned completely to normal. I was impressed, shocked, even amazed by how effective the treatment was for the unusual situation I was in.

A True Treasure

Jennifer Scott

Nicole has helped me uncover and heal so many subconscious beliefs I didn’t even know I had! She is a true treasure.


Jennifer L. Scott

Profound Effect

dexton deboree

To be alive, connected to one’s own body, mind, and soul is to know yourself — your strengths, your weaknesses, your fears, your motivations, your areas of opportunity and your true potential. It is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. So hard to attain and so rare to maintain.

To know Nicole is to experience and, more importantly, practice all of the above.

I am grateful every moment for the blessing granted by Nicole’s presence in my life, and the profound effect on my personal, professional and spiritual journey.

Phenomenal Energy Worker

Brian Besco

Book a session with one of the most phenomenal energy workers I know, Nicole! She has saved my multidimensional self’s life from strife and harm on so, so many occasions. For the most advanced healers and energy workers, as well as simple energetic solutions, come see Nicole!

An Absolute Blessing

Dr Zia Inman

I have worked with Nicole many times. I found her at a time in my life that was very challenging for me. My mom had just passed, a patient of mine was dying from cancer, I was transitioning in my career. Without her amazing healing work and her nurturing, soothing voice I don’t know what I would have done at that time. She worked with me through my fears of commitment in the beginning of a relationship that I wanted to run from many times! We are now getting married in a week 🙂

Nicole’s presence in my life has been an absolute blessing! I am super grateful for who she is, how she is, and what she can do to facilitate healing and transformation!

Dr. Zia Inman

Helped Clarify What Was Happening

Nicole is one of the MOST GIFTED Healers & Energy Balancers that I have ever worked with. Her charming smile and friendly nature make her very easy to open up and receive her gifts. I remember from my very first session as she was working at “The Speed of Light” on her Quantum SCIO doing Energy Clearing & Balancing, she shared her psychic awareness of what was happening in the room around me. This was so helpful as I was feeling my experience and she helped clarify what was going on. I have the utmost respect for Nicole based on her abilities to be an Energy Wizard, Gifted Psychic and Dear Friend all at the same time.

Rich Karou
Creator at Rainbow Bridge Healing Light

Ready to Face the World Again


I have been treated for more than half my life by energy healers from around the world and I have to say Nicole is the real deal! Whether you believe or not in spiritual or energetic medicine, I have sent countless people to her, besides myself, who have experienced her ability to heal, uplift and empower. Every time
I leave a session, I feel like I’ve been bathed in love and ready, to once again, face the world.

T.V. Carpio

I Feel Full of Divine Love

Tai Woodville

Nicole Pigeault is a transcendent force of cosmic proportion. This lightworker is a true Earth angel with whom I’ve had multiple transformative sessions via Santa Monica’s AURA SHOP. I always left feeling full of divine love, walking on air, having released what felt like lifetimes of old pain. A multi-modality energy worker, Nicole’s healing expression knows no bounds. This goddess is constantly upgrading her already potent game. She is a goldmine of rainbows & one of the purest most powerful conduits of spiritual energy I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with.

Tai Woodville

My Life is Transformed

“Come here little caterpillar. Let me soothe your soul”, Nicole said to me. She unruffled my feathers and calmed my soul until I beheld the butterfly in my inner soul. Nicole Pigeault is pure love.  Working with her expands your thinking and transforms your life in infinite ways!  Love you Nicole!

Jay Jay

Phone Sessions Powerful Beyond Belief

My life began improving from the moment I met Nicole. What a truly amazing individual. I have improved my finances, which is fantastic! But more importantly, I have inner peace. I never realized it was missing. I think better, more focused, I accomplish more and quicker. I’m actually happier. Deep down happy!

Nicole’s phone sessions are powerful beyond belief. She has a knack of quickly ‘weeding’ through the small stuff and getting right to what I need ‘fixed’. And it usually isn’t what I thought I needed. But it worked. I get these ‘Aha ! ‘ moments when Nicole does her magic. And my life starts changing. A phone session with Nicole is like a tune-up on my life. Love it!

Faye Otts
Traveling R.N.

Got Rid of My Interferences

Nicole is a beautiful cosmic cleanser. She got rid of my interferences and taught me how to get in touch with my inner vibrations so I can reach my desires. She’s a healer full of love & magic!


Absolutely Magical

What a joy it is to be in Nicole’s presence. She exudes love. Her intention of guiding with love is pure and healing. She connects to the Universe’s love energy and shows you how to connect to your heart. Nicole can help you change the things that seem to not be working, and to see your authentic self and to realize all of life’s possibilities that are truly yours to be lived.

Nicole understands energy and is able to help you to balance it. She helps to empower yourself and she travels with you at a pace you feel comfortable with.

On a very practical level working with Nicole is warm, safe and clear and it is absolutely magical.

Mark and I were married by Nicole. She brought such a beautiful energy and joy to our wedding.

Mark & George

Integral Part of Personal Growth

Nicole is a spiritual guide and gifted healer like no other. Whether I need an energetic reboot, loving insight into a problem I am struggling with, or whether I want to delve into the depths of my subconscious mind, I go to Nicole. She has been an integral part in my personal growth.


Loving Guidance & Wisdom

Nicole brings light to every room she enters and brings loving guidance and wisdom to every client she meets. She has been one of my most favorite healers for the last 8 years. I am so thankful that she has chosen to share her light with all of us.

Paige Tatum


When I moved to LA, Nicole was one of the first people I met. She welcomed me with open arms and a wide open heart. Her healing work was transformational on many levels. She continues to uplift and inspire me with her beautiful e-mails 2 years later. I am blessed to have connected with Nicole. She is a gem.


Immediate Relief

Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts or something is not quite right, I call Nicole.  Not only does the sound of her voice and her loving support bring immediate relief, but I rest easy knowing that within a short amount of time, I will be all better.  Whether it’s something emotional or physical, Nicole, her fabulous team of angels, and the Quantum SCIO machine work miracles!  Thank you Nicole!

Fortune 100 Consultant

A Different Dimension

Having a session with Nicole is like accessing and visiting a different dimension. She is truly a modern day fairy Godmother with magical powers like no one I have ever encountered. You literally feel like you’re in a different realm where normal “human” rules don’t apply, and magic is the norm.

I leave there feeling so sparkly and fresh and ready to live life the way I am intended to…with pure JOY and creativity. I was able to break down more barriers in 5 sessions with her verses months of therapy. I thank the heavens for bringing me to Nicole. She is a precious hidden gem in the land of LA.

Jayne Archer