Quantum Radiance | EX735Ag Scenar Therapy
Stress Reduction and Energy Therapy sessions for your Quantum Radiance! Energy medicine and intuitive healing in Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA locations.
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EX735Ag Scenar Therapy

SCENAR: Star Trek Technology Sessions

scenar atomThe SCENAR is a small hand-held device, with an electrical contact at one end and runs off two AA batteries.

This is moved over the spine and abdomen, the infected or injured area, recording the responses in a digital format. A gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt.

As a highly skilled SCENAR practitioner I look for anomalies on your skin surface, which may be highlighted by redness, numbness, stickiness or a change in numerical display or sound.

Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptom, by working on these ‘asymmetries’ the healing process will commence.

Your body has its own innate intelligence and will naturally unlock old and hidden issues so that balancing can occur.

Watch Nicole perform an Ear-Brain Balancing session

This technique affects ALL levels of your being and has the most profound effect on one of the most difficult to reach levels – spiritual.  Heightened awareness, creativity, and intuition are almost guaranteed, and all in less than 5 minutes.

Benefits that you can enjoy from the SCENAR

  • • Safe; gentle; drugless; non-invasive
  • • Highly effective; relieves pain
  • • Helps you quickly recover from injury or illness
  • • May prevent new disease development
  • • Recognizes true weak points in the body
  • • Will not interfere with any other treatment or medication
  • • Increases energy; enhanced feeling of well being; more refreshed sleep
Deb - BEFORE Scenar session

Deb – BEFORE Scenar session


Deb - AFTER Scenar session

Deb – AFTER Scenar session

How often will I need a session?

Number of sessions will vary from individual to individual, and takes into account such factors as the stage of one’s issue, the person’s age, state of health, lifestyle and so on.

For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process the approach needs to be intensive, ideally once or even twice daily. For chronic conditions, sessions are ideally given two – four times a week initially. As things improve the frequency can be reduced.

What conditions can SCENAR help?

In the USA, the SCENAR is registered with the FDA as a biofeedback device for muscle reeducation and relaxation training. The SCENAR is certified by the European Common Market, (the equivalent of the FDA in the US), for pain control.

With that said, the Russian experience is that SCENAR affects all the body systems. They suggest that it can be effective for a very broad range including the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urinary, reproductive and nervous systems.

How the SCENAR Works  |  Why the SCENAR Was Created

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