Quantum Radiance | Frequently Asked Questions
Stress Reduction and Energy Therapy sessions for your Quantum Radiance! Energy medicine and intuitive healing in Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA locations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nicole serves her clients in person in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. She also works with clients around the world through Long Distance sessions. Schedule an appointment by phone 323-965-1733 or email.

Yes! One is just as powerful as the other.

Scientific studies have shown that focused healing energy and prayer sent from a distance are as effective and, in some cases, more effective than hands-on healing. Remote sessions involve communication with me by telephone at a pre-selected appointment time to discuss the areas in your life which need healing. After we finish our conversation, you find a comfortable place to relax, meditate, or listen to music, while I focus healing energy toward you. Ten minutes prior to the end of the session, I will contact you in order to answer any questions you may have.

Nicole’s sessions are uniquely designed to balance your energy field, enhancing your physical well being. She will help you to move beyond personal limitations and discover your infinite possibilities. Each session combines the technology of the amazing EX735ag Scenar, Quantum SCIO, ThetaHealing and/or scalar wave violet light laser. You’ll leave your extraordinary session with greater personal insight and a feeling of empowerment to create abundance, love, joy, confidence and more.

The effects of Energy Therapy range from feeling peaceful and serene to experiencing bliss, greater clarity, and transformation. Sensations such as tingling, a rush of joy, great sense of freedom, traveling to a different location, or seeing colors may be experienced. Each client’s experience is both unique and personal.

The balancing process can continue for three to five days after your session. Some clients can feel a difference right away; others can take a few days. This period of adjustment provides a new baseline for the subconscious to integrate its newly balanced energy field. Transformative changes are deep and you will notice positive changes daily. A renewed you will emerge.


As you process the energy, please be gentle with yourself. Drink lots of water to remove toxins from your body.  At the same time, energy block releasing may manifest as a slight cold, tiredness and general release symptoms. I recommend that you abstain from alcohol and recreational drug use for two to three days after a session as these may alter the benefits of the treatment. You will soon sense how wonderful and strong your natural balanced energy feels.

This work should not be considered a replacement for that of a health care professional. Energy work, however, does compliment traditional forms of medicine. When combined together it can be extremely helpful.