Inspired Thoughts

Raise Your Frequency Activation

20 Jul, by Nicole in Activations, Empowerment, Energy

Say this powerful activation a couple times a day… Dear Creator of All That Is, It is commanded that all of my energy systems are upgraded to the highest frequencies possible, unifying all of my energy systems to infinite love. After you say the command…

New Beginnings

11 Jul, by Nicole in Empowerment, Spirituality

New beginnings are always available. Choosing Oneness, rather than separation, as your foundational concept changes everything  ♥

Activate Your Star-Being DNA

03 Jul, by Nicole in Activations, Empowerment

Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world. GO INWARD. The moment you go inward, you change your reality. Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love,…